Profit Analytics Suite

Profitics' Profit Analytics Suite applies emerging advances in operations research science to optimize your marketing planning. Our solution combines marketing planning, pricing and promotions analytics with dynamic dashboards to provide real time decision support. Our analytics packages are highly customizable and extensible to address your unique business needs. Our software is designed to flexibly fit into your current back end infrastructure. Profit Analytics: Designed to dynamically Measure, Analyze, Optimize and Execute.


Marketing Analytics
Utilize one robust package to flexibly model customer needs, build an optimized product portfolio, and anticipate demand response to marketing initiatives. Learn More..
Pricing Analytics
Proactively manage demand using targeted discount strategies, pricing strategies, and contextually targeted product recommendations fueled by mathematical modeling and bayesian analysis. Learn More..
Planning Analytics
Gain greater understanding about your customer's shopping habits and utilize advanced mathematical models to forecast demand sensitivities based on "what if" scenarios. Learn More..
Analytics Dashboards
Use interactive business intelligence dashboards to create an intuitive, insightful and actionable view of your real time operational data. Learn More..

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