Analytics Platform


The architecture of a robust modern Analytics Platform has to address the following needs.

  • A cost effective well governed and well protected data acquisition platform
  • A data scientist friendly data consumption interface for batch, ad-hoc and stream analytics
  • A robust extensible data science toolkit
  • A business user friendly data consumption interface for the latest ad-hoc data insight tools with robust visualization
  • A robust collaborative decision support enabling workflow and user interaction application framework
  • A robust science models for domain specific problem solving
  • A fast data scalable and reliable data stream infrastructure
  • An extensible stream analytics, monitoring and alerting mechanism
  • An extensible semantic context library for data platform with runtime extensibility
  • A mature governance, security and privacy model that spans the heterogeneous infrastructure

Profitics has built, tested and deployed various best practice architectures for a wide variety of analytics needs with different levels of emphasis on different aspects of the above mentioned needs.

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