MaxxAthlete's portal reaches new scalability benchmarks with Profitics CEM platform

Today Profitics CEM platform established new scalability benchmarks during Championship week for High School Basketball.  MaxxAthlete, using Profitics CEM suite, enabled users to experience:

  • 70 basketball games to be live streamed simultaneously
  • More than 10,000 live views of basketball games per day
  • Live scores streamed simultaneously for more than 370 basketball games
  • Peak page viewing of 4 million views in 1 day
  • 20 million database transactions in 1 day


About Profitics: Profitics is the premier software and services company specializing in innovative and customized enterprise solutions for Pricing, Profit & Promotion Analytics and Customer Engagement Management.


About MaxxAthlete:MaxxAthlete is the leading online media company dedicated to serving the grassroots sports marketplace. The company's online community changes the industry's business paradigm by providing a central repository for youth sports content. This results in greater player recognition, increased team participation, improved community communication, higher quality events and lower media costs.

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