Retail News and Analysis
  1. A new report by analysts at Moody’s asserts that, in today's marketplace, fierce competition between and Walmart is creating even more competitive disparities. How do smaller rivals survive in a retail environment dominated by large players such as Amazon and Walmart?
  2. For the past decade or more, supermarkets and their brand partners have frantically worked to devise new incentives to lure the shopper to center store. But any transformation of the center store has to begin with an honest assessment of many factors. How do you think the center store should be reinvented to cater to the behavior of today's shoppers?
  3. Declining department store traffic has compelled mall anchors to make some unprecedented moves to draw customers. Recently two major department store retailers have begun discounting in an area typically off-limits for price drops. Will offering discounts on makeup provide a meaningful lift in sales or traffic for department stores?
  4. Apparently sacrificing margin aspirations, is reportedly paying full price to third-party sellers to expand its inventory. Do you see Amazon’s third-party seller purchases as a short- or long-term solution to managing inventory shortages?
  5. According to CMO Council’s “The Customer in Context” report, only 15 percent of consumers expect companies “to be everywhere.” Does it make sense that consumers are less enthralled about being recognized across devices, channels and touchpoints than many marketers would hope?

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