Retail News and Analysis
  1. Innovative, digital-first retail concepts are sprouting physical stores as the revolution continues in how consumer goods are brought to market. Is the era of pure digital-only retailing coming to an end?
  2. The unique experience of shopping at an IKEA store is part of the brand's appeal. But at World Mobile Congress, the chain gave a demo of a futuristic small-concept store that is far different from IKEA's familiar labyrinth. Would customers shop showrooms with primarily virtual assortments available rather than physical product?
  3. Since 2015, Dirty Lemon Beverages has been selling its trendy, "active" beverages direct-to-consumer solely via text message. In a session at Shoptalk, the company's CEO explained the ordering model and discussed the brand's plans for expansion. What can other brands going D2C or considering it learn from Dirty Lemon Beverages and Function of Beauty?
  4. Luxury fashion houses, once fearful that the internet’s mass access would damage their exclusivity, are now racing to embrace digital, whether by partnering with multi-brand websites, developing their own platforms or both. Why is online selling of luxury goods finally taking off?
  5. Nike has more than 100 million members in its Nike+ loyalty program and hopes to triple that number in the next five years, the company’s chief digital officer, Adam Sussman, explained in a keynote session at Shoptalk. What sort of data should brands base segment profiles on, and how can they get it?

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