Retail News and Analysis
  1. Credit authorization is the oldest example of indispensable real-time processing in retail. But in the new world of unified commerce, most aspects of running the business now require real-time processing. What’s the best option for small to medium-sized retailers to get up-to-speed with real-time information processing?
  2. In areas of retail like high-end apparel, the option to rent instead of buy is becoming increasingly popular. But whether renting will work in the gadget space remains up in the air now that erstwhile Best Buy rental partner Lumoid has closed its doors. How likely is it that big chains like Best Buy will offer the opportunity to rent gadgets for test runs before purchase?
  3. When a brand begins its search for the right influencer to partner with, the size of a potential following is usually the first rubric by which value is measured. But experts say that this formula doesn't necessarily deliver results. What factors should play the biggest role in the decision to work with influencers?
  4. Chatbots — AI applications that simulate human conversation — are becoming more pervasive in online and mobile customer service, and acceptance of them is growing. Do you expect that chatbots will replace humans for most customer service issues?
  5. Target is serious about same-day delivery. Yesterday, the retailer announced it has agreed to acquire Shipt, the online same-day delivery platform. What will Target’s acquisition of Shipt mean for the two companies?

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