CEM Suite
Go Beyond Your CRM
CEM is our next generation enterprise software suite designed to enable unparalleled collaboration between your key business partners. Find out how to engage your customers in ways you never thought possible using the latest Web 3.0 and Semantic Web techniques. Learn More...
Profit Analytics
Measure, Analyze, Optimize, and Execute
Our software suite delivers cutting edge analytics that enable your business to dynamically measure, analyze, optimize and execute marketing strategies to drive your bottom line. Discover how to empower your business team to make real-time, intelligent decisions. Learn More...
Customized Software Development
Agile, Scalable and Quick to Deploy
Our customized software development process uses highly iterative methodology. We identify value creation opportunities that will rapidly evolve your business. Discover how Profitics can redefine and automate your business processes. Learn More...
Business Consulting
Continuous Value Creation
Our business consulting practice leverages cutting edge techniques such as Six Sigma, Pareto analysis, and TQM. Learn how we create value and accelerate continuous value creation through our powerful solution development system. Learn More..
Cloud Architecture
Our AnalyticalCloud offering provides fully managed technology and science out of the box so that our customers can focus on solving business problems. Cost Effective, Scalable, On-Demand, Secure, Auditable and Always On. Learn More..

Profitics Software & Services