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  • Demand Prediction for IoT Devices

  • Women in Data Science: Moving from Inclusion to Influence

    Data scientists are much in demand. Beyond the domains one might expect — technology, the internet and telecommunications — they are being sought in energy, financial services, manufacturing, h

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  • COVID-19 and Food Security Challenges

    Wharton Customer Analytics experts explore the art and science of risk management as it applies to global food security, both today and post-coronavirus. Read More

  • Realizing the Growth Potential of AI

    Business leaders and investors universally agree that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will transform their businesses by reducing costs, managing risks, streamlining operatio

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  • The Trillion-Dollar Question With COVID-19

    Right now India is completing more than a month of national lockdown and moving toward some loosening of restrictions in less infected areas. The implications of stopping the movement and activity

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  • Analytics: When less really can be more

    Analysing marketing data too finely may lead to costly errors; here’s a new way to do it. Consider England’s mysterious crop circles, or the ancient, gigantic animal-shaped mounds of the Ameri

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  • Telling the Data Story Behind Video Gaming

    The Sims, FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Star Wars: Millions of players worldwide enjoy video games like these on a variety of electronic devices. Few stop to think (unless they happen to work

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  • A Fresh Look at Analytics

    Companies that embrace mistakes in developing a data-first strategy set themselves up for long-term success. Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Evangelist at Google and Wharton Customer Analytics Senio

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  • Analytics, Risk and the 21st Century Supply Chain

    The business of moving goods from their point of origin to their final destination anywhere on Earth is no small task, and the risks seem to be growing. As the COVID-19 pandemic is making painfully

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