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  • How to Optimize Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

    Omnichannel marketing seems like a simple enough concept. Consumers like to shop online, offline, and across different channels, so firms need to meet them wherever they are. But coming up with an

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  • The Perils of Data Analytics

    Data analytics helps marketer learn about their customers with target precision, from the movies they watch on Netflix to their favorite scoops of chocolate ice cream. Data is ubiquitous, essential

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  • Data Analytics as a Source of Truth and a Force for Good

    Advertising, like any other form of content, has the ability to change people. That is its primary purpose, to impact hearts and minds. Its messages are meant to reach consumer segments that inspir

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  • Three Things to Know About the Direction of Data Analytics

    During the recent 2021 Wharton Annual Analytics Conference at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, leaders in business gathered virtually to discuss the latest business trends in data an

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  • Using Data Analytics as a Source for Change

    If knowledge is power, then the vast knowledge contained in big data is powerful enough to change the world. But simply harnessing bits and bytes into tidy tables or whizbang algorithms won’t mov

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  • Spring 2021 Analytics Accelerator

    Despite disruptions caused by the pandemic, Wharton Customer Analytics successfully hosted its sixth (second virtual) Analytics Accelerator. Over the course of nine weeks, student teams, comprised

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  • Customers of A Feather Engage Together: Using K-Means Clustering to Maximize Retention

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  • Nielsen CMO Jamie Moldafsky On Data As A Force For Good

    On the occasion of Wharton’s Annual Analytics Conference, keynote speaker and Wharton MBA Alum Jamie Moldafsky presented her thoughts on how data and analytics can be both a source for truth and

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  • How the Pandemic Has Fast-Tracked AI’s Impact

    Rajen Sheth, VP, Google Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google, joins Dan Loney on Wharton Business Daily to discuss how the pandemic has fast-tracked AI's impact on a range of sectors including

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